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Nike to join French champions Paris football kit Saint-Germain Club today launched a strong team jersey black World War, joined Paris Saint-Germain Nike "Dark Light (Night Light)" series jersey, new jersey reflects the light of the world-famous Paris City (La Ville Lumière) charming night, with a distinct, deep beauty. New Jersey is in the details torso, sleeves and back waist players design and establish a strong image, the famous club badge after round black, white, three-color gray Reconstruction in a more modern form of pride in the jersey chest appear . Exquisite design in black and dark gray V-neck behind clearly show, stripes extending downward from both sides of the shirts to shorts. Calf also continue to maintain this black lines. On deep background, a small amount of pink decorated bring youthful, shirts with pink Nike Pro personal sportswear more highlighted the "night light" theme. The player's name and number printed texture clear lead for the font, the color shading pattern football team kits composed. With the release of new jersey, Nike also launched a creative advertising clips, movie co-written by the photographer Matthew Cesar card and electronic music Stravinsky. Paris Saint-Germain Club first team players David Luiz, Blaser · Matuyidi, Tiago Silva, Edinson Cavani and participated in movie shooting.

This is reflected not only the details of the Nike jersey iconic designs, more players provides performance innovation, technology and sustainable environmental protection shirts. Nike Dri-FIT technology can be absorbed into the body from the sweat everton football shirts look, and quickly evaporated. So that players keep dry and comfortable, in the best state in the game. In the heat of the key parts prone to have laser cut perforations and grid area, body surface to increase air flow within ninety minutes during the game, players help regulate body temperature, thus further enhancing performance. Nike designers through a combination of cotton and recycled polyester to create a new double-knit jersey fabric, this fabric with good wicking properties, soft touch, and very body sculpting. Nike jersey design will always give top priority to environmental sustainability, season again with shirts made from recycled polyester. Not only have these shirts unparalleled performance advantages while reducing the impact on the environment. Shirts all materials used from recycled water bottles. Shorts Material taken from 100% recycled polyester, 96% from the jacket material recycled polyester, recycled polyester material socks in proportion is 78%.

Each jersey average of 18 recycled plastic football shirts uk bottles. Since 2010, Nike has recycled nearly 2 billion recovered from landfill waste plastic bottles. By using recycled polyester materials, the entire production process of Nike jerseys energy consumption reduced by up to 30%. Designers using 3D body scanning technology to scan the world's top players were to design a more self-cultivation, more fit feeling jerseys. New Jersey so that players can be more natural movement, but also improve the comfort, performance and thus enhance the stadium. French club Bordeaux and Montpellier before the match the home team announced a new 2015-16 season, the football shirt road and the second road jersey, Bordeaux and Montpellier match in Bordeaux has just completed a new stadium (Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux) carried out here will be replaced next season Chaban - Delmas Stadium in Bordeaux to become the new home team. Puma team designed three new shirts each have a different theme, representing the "future", "traditional" and "modern."

Bordeaux team home jersey new season's theme is cheap soccer jerseys "Nouveau Stade (new stadium)," to celebrate the team next season to move into a new stadium. Bordeaux new stadium can accommodate 43,000 spectators, it is one of France's Euro 2016 venues here. The new jersey design show a new Bordeaux stadium a modern look, chest famous white V-shaped pattern with the three-dimensional effect, the symbol of the stadium roof, white stripes below represents an impressive new stadium slender white pillars . Theo Pellet Lull (Théo Pellenard) wearing Jersey theme "Marinière (sailor)," coupled with classic French sailor stripes Bordeaux iconic giant V-shaped pattern, coupled with the chest after special treatment red club badges, let us see a stick to tradition, weird Bordeaux. New Jersey has an inlaid in Phnom Penh classical "classic collar", continued the whole club classic color combination of red and white, this design by Sir Herbert Chapman creation in 1933, later became the "gunmen" england football shirts reputation World symbols. The details, the front part of the red horizontal stripes jacquard added. White sleeves on fine lines constructed two red stripes classic Puma shape, projecting elegance.